Harper Assets Features

Financial Analysis

Forex is the most liquid market. Harper Assets use the latest tools to build the best portfolio possible.

Derivative Instruments

Tools such as forward currency contracts, index swaps and options ensure growth on any market situation.

Real-time Report

Our investor dashboard gives feedback on your portfolio growth in real time, as your gains come in.

Marketing Plan

Receive commissions up to 5% whenever your referral makes any new investment

US and foreign currencies

Harper Assets has a focus on USD traded pairs, but also tracks and invests in diversified foreign pairs.

Risk Management

All contracts purchased are risk-held by Harper, meaning what you see is what you always get: stability.

How to Start

Register Account

Opening an account at Harper Assets takes less than 2 minutes. Register now and start building your portfolio.

Make an Investment

Investing is as simple and fast as doing a transaction. As soon as your deposit is detected your plan starts yielding.

Manage Profit

All plans yield daily into your account, allowing you the liquidity to get your cash in hands faster than ever.

Customer Success Reports

More users are joining Harper Assets than ever before. Our metrics (see chart) shows how much our investors trust our Forex and Forex derivative portfolios.

You can also have your own portfolio at Harper Assets by registering and choosing what portfolio fits your financial goals. Be a part of the Harper family, starting today.

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